Important Phone Numbers

In order to keep our clients, as well as potential clients, well informed, we have provided the following resources. Here is our list of Important phone numbers. I hope this helps!

Community Services
Lincoln Crossing Community Association 726-7309
Lincoln Lions Club 332-8769
Lincoln Chamber of Commerce 334-3904
Lincoln Library 264-2700
Lincoln News 727-6393
Lincoln Post Office 800-275-8777
Roseville Soccer 491-2529
Lincoln Little league 553-2345
County Services
Abandoned vehicles 875-5656
Animal Complaints 383-7387
County Street Lights 875-5327
Lincoln High  916-645-6360
Western Placer School District 916-645-6350
Park District
Placer County Park & Recreation 916-725-1585
Lincoln 916-434-3220


Sheriff Non-emergency Calls 874-5115
North Area Sheriff’s Anex 332-7794
County Park Rangers 875-6672
PG&E 800-743-5000
Citizens Utilities 568-4200
SMUD-Information 888-742-7683
SMUD-Emergency 888-456-7683
Pacific Bell 800-310-2355
Roseville Telephone 786-3232
Sutter Roseville 781-1000
Sutter Memorial 454-3333
Mercy San Juan 537-5000
Lincoln Weather

Check out our traffic and weather page.

We hope these phone number help you when you need the local Lincoln community information. If you find any of the links or important phone numbers are bad please email me so I can keep them current. We have included everything from the local soccer teams to the post office. If you want me to add anything to the list email me and i would be more than happy to add important phone numbers to this list.