Traffic and Weather

Lincoln has great weather !

The above map is a live weather report. Click on the black arrow to make map bigger and get rid of the ads. Lincoln has great weather !
The weather in Lincoln is normally 80-105 degrees for 3 months of the year in the summer.  It really only gets over 100 degrees for a dozen days a year. Then the rest of the year it is 50-80 degrees during the day and 30-50 degrees at night.  One of the great things about Lincoln weather is the evenings cool down just enough to make sleeping comfortable.  This is caused by the delta breezes that come from the bay area delta.

The annual average precipitation at Lincoln is 36.51 Inches. Winter months are a lot wetter than summer months. Sometimes we go a whole summer without a drop of rain. The wettest month of the year is January with an average rainfall of 6.68 Inches.


Traffic Report

All the growth that has happened in Lincoln has really shown up in the traffic. Almost any time of the day Highway 65 can be stop and go traffic. The county is currently working on a an improvement in the interchange with highway 80. This should help a lot but I think it is just temporary fix. The next major traffic upgrade planned is an expressway across to Highway 99. This should really help out, but I think it is at least five years until they get this done. The above map is a live traffic report.

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